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Here I am…

December 28, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s a bit early for a New Year resolution but I’ve been wanting to do this for years. So, I finally took the time to start the blog some people kept asking me to create.

Initially, I wanted a blog system that I can fully control, obviously it has pros and cons. I wanted it running on my own hardware but I kept reading the troubles others had with upgrades and migrations (even tech-savvy users on various distro planets). I have a tendency to spend more time working on tools rather than with tools, which defeats the purpose here, I need something that just works. Hopefully, hosted solutions are supposed to prevent those messy upgrades. With more and more of my stuff moving to clouds, I’ve reconsidered the hosting part, especially as I also want my blog to be independent of my employer (where I could have hosted the blog). So after giving it a lot of “refreshed” thoughts, I ended up choosing a free hosted instance which has been recommended to me several times as a good compromise for my needs. Too bad for the full control, but it seems easy to migrate away at a later time if it proves too restricted.

oh, and if you’re wondering where my blog name is coming from, I tried literally hundreds of names in the wordpress name checker, every single one of them was already taken. I really hated that part of the registration. As a desperate attempt, I tried ftagada (a mix of my nick name and a famous candy), and it worked. So, here I am..