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Chromium and Unity

Chromium (trunk) recently improved its integration into Unity.

Some already noticed the download progress bar in the Unity launcher (the chromium icon in the side panel). But there’s more.

If you have “Experimental GNOME menu bar support” enabled in about:flags, you’ve probably noticed the global menu a few weeks ago. What’s new is the “History” entry with two categories, “Most Visited” and “Recently Closed”. Remember this global menu is still experimental, hence gaps are not unexpected, like the missing bookmarks.

Some asked for the Wrench icon to be dropped. The answer from upstream is that it won’t happen. This is part of the UI design.

I saw a mockup of someone wishing to merge the (Chromium) tab bar into the (Unity) global menu. I’m not sure the idea has been pushed upstream just yet, it should. I’m not sure it’s even possible technically. I’m also not sure I like the idea (I use the follow focus mode in Compiz which doesn’t really mix with global menu and apps not in fullscreen mode) but if it could be made optional, that would be nice. I guess it depends on the size of your screen. I use mostly a 24″ LCD/LED screen in 1920×1080 mode, so I have plenty of space in the unity panel (more than half is empty when the global menu is visible, and almost 3/4 when it’s not, seems wasted) and I use the system decorations in Chromium, making it smaller (its height). Maybe the tab integration (if possible) should just be used in fullscreen mode, which is meant to maximize the content, so less chrome is better.

Speaking of chrome (UI chrome, not Google Chrome), the window controls bug when the browser is maximized under Unity (and the “Use System Title Bars and Borders” option is not set) has been partly fixed (fixed in chromium, but not in unity)

The icons in the Chromium toolbar are also better aligned when they are of different sizes. Extensions icons in the omnibar also no longer stretch it, making the whole area nicer. This is of course not limited to Unity.

The webapps launcher bug in Unity was supposed to be fixed but unity/bafm regressed at the last minute so it’s still partly broken and weird.

(to clarify, I’m not the author of those changes, they come from upstream, you should thank erg/eglaysher for his work. What I did though is the backport of some of the previous Ubuntu improvements and fixes in the Chromium 10 and 11 ubuntu packages, and in the 3 channel PPAs, whenever they were needed).

  1. ethana2
    May 5, 2011 at 16:40

    Can a chrome extension get rid of the wrench?

    • fta
      May 5, 2011 at 19:34

      I don’t think there’s an API for that.

  1. May 25, 2011 at 00:14

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