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Chromium 10 in Ubuntu

March 9, 2011 3 comments

Not so long ago, I announced Chromium 9 landing in Ubuntu, now, here is version 10. Still hot from upstream, it’s better, faster. It brings both new features and a long list of security fixes. As always, it’s in sync with the Google Chrome release for you own pleasure. It is already available in Natty, and I handed the Maverick and Lucid packages to my fellow Security sponsors Micah and Jamie for another round of reviews. If you’re in a hurry, it is also in the Stable PPA for all the supported versions of Ubuntu down to Hardy.

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Chromium: new logo

March 8, 2011 2 comments

A few hours ago in Chromium Trunk, a new logo appeared:

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Unity in Natty: is it for me?

March 6, 2011 26 comments

Unity 3.6.0 recently landed in Natty, bringing a lot of long expected goodnesses, along with some unexpected weirdnesses and regressions.

I thought sharing my experience at this point in time could be useful to some.. If you are looking for an “everything is just perfect” post, you should probably stop reading. Read more…

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Blindly poking at ARM bugs with a stick

March 2, 2011 4 comments

Ever felt like poking something unknown with a stick in the dark? that’s the feeling I have when I work on the ARM part of the Chromium package I maintain for Ubuntu.

I spend a lot of time preparing and polishing the Chromium package between the channels updates, so when a given release finally lands in the Stable channel, there’s usually not much left to do (packaging wise) to publish it in the official Ubuntu repositories. There are enough PPA users to cover most issues beforehand, weeks before thanks to the dev / beta / stable gradual landing, with most issues reported directly upstream and fixed there so I don’t have to do it myself downstream.

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