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New Chromium security update and translations news

I’ve just submitted a security update of Chromium to Ubuntu Natty and to my fellow security sponsor Jamie for Maverick and Lucid.
It’s a minor update of Chromium version 8, namely 8.0.552.237~r70801.

The only tiny packaging change is that I landed 2 new languages that have a good enough coverage. So congratulations to the Basque and Galician translators, who started from scratch a few weeks ago and reached 100% of over 3200 strings in trunk, future version 10. That’s over 90% once backported to the (older) stable branch. You joined the 51 other languages already supported (inherited from Google Chrome), languages which also got their strings refreshed (same backport of the Launchpad strings).

Special mention to the Spanish, Chinese, Galician and Basque translators who are racing almost every single day to stay on top of trunk.

I would also like to thank the Asturian and Uyghur translators who also started from scratch and already submitted strings. After considering it for a while, I figured the coverage was still too limited for a stable version and it may give a false impression of bad quality to some users, so it was best to wait before unveiling your work. I hope you will make it for Chromium 9 soon. Remember that every single string is visible in the daily builds and in the channel builds (-dev/-beta/-stable PPAs).

I will try to define some milestones and goals for each template in the coming days in order to help those who would like to join the club of the now 53. So stay tuned and keep up the good work!

  1. January 14, 2011 at 02:59

    Thanks for this awesome good new!

    From Ubuntu Galician Team we are very proud to get Chromium and Chrome translated to Galician. Thanks for do the job of helping us to get it done.


    • fta
      January 16, 2011 at 14:07

      Thanks. I noticed while testing the gl and eu builds that some parts were not translated, like the “Close” button in the screenshot above. I investigated and found that it was in yet another template. It’s now exported to Launchpad so once you have it translated, the next upgrade should be even better.

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