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More Chromium translations landed upstream

Good news! yesterday, a new batch of translations from the Ubuntu Translators (or should I say, from the Community) landed upstream in Chromium Trunk.
That’s all we had 2 days ago for the chromium_strings template (only this particular template, at least for now).

Even if it doesn’t make a visible difference if it’s upstreamed or not (it looks the same in the debs), it feels good to see more green and less purple in the dashboard I’ve presented earlier as it benefits not only Ubuntu, but also the other distros building Chromium, and even Chromium-OS. It also means this whole machinery is working ¹ so I’m glad I’ve spent time on this project.

As you see, there is still an awful lot of red so please, go help if you can.

Note that even new langs not in Google Chrome, like Basque (eu) and Galician (gl), have some of their strings upstreamed. So remember you all have your chance to see Chromium in your own lang.

¹ I’ve been asked to explain a bit about what’s behind all this, the conversion, the workflow, what’s so special about all this compared to other translations hosted in Launchpad. I’ll probably make a series of posts about this.

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